Clyde Travel Management and Balblair Whisky - PR Photoshoot

PR Photoshoot - Balblair Whisky and Clyde Travel

"We're all on the same team" is the tagline for Clyde Travel Management's recent advertising campaign.  Showcasing their staff interacting with their client group in a variety of 'hands-on' scenarios.

One of the shoots was set in one of the most beautiful distilleries in the world, set on the idyllic coast of the Dornoch Firth, the home of Balblair Distillery.  Clyde Travel Management help the Balblair staff with their travel arrangements and the concept of the shoot was to have a Clyde Travel expert working directly with the Balblair staff to convey the 'we're all in the same team' tagline.  We were fortunate enough for John MacDonald, the Distillery Manager to be on site for the shoot.  Every year, it's John's responsibility to select whiskies that have reached their exact point of 'optimum maturation', the peak of perfection.

Here's a couple of the images from the day.

Pete Copeland