Peter Hurley Headshot Intensive - Dublin 2018

Learning all about the Art of the Headshot

Pete Copeland Photography Headshot.jpg

One of the key components of being a successful photographer is the ability to continually learn, challenge yourself and refine the craft. If you are still taking the same type of images a year from now, you will slowly begin the gradual decline into a lukewarm pool of mediocrity. At least once a year, I invest my finances into training and have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best photographers and teachers available. This year was no different, as I signed up for New York’s number one headshot photographer Peter Hurley’s 2-day Headshot Intensive. Peter is not only a world-class headshot photographer, he is hands down one of the best photography teachers I’ve had the pleasure of watching. His teaching videos such as The Squinch have gathered millions of hits on YouTube. His passionate and detailed explanation of the art of headshot photography is something to marvel at. It’s always a joy to sit in the presence of a speaker who knows the subject inside out and is deeply committed to translating that knowledge into tangible and applicable learning for the audience.

As you can gather from the headshot above, I also had the job of sitting as a subject for one of Peter’s Headshots. What a learning experience that was…I now have complete empathy for my future subjects stepping in front of the camera. One of the key components from Peter’s workshop was the importance of connection and drawing from the subject a genuine reaction. Chipping away through self-consciousness to invoke an image that no other photographer can take. Being in the vulnerable position of being the subject reinforced the importance of trust, clear communication and Hurleyism’s.

Here’s the master at work during the workshop. Peter provides each of the photographers with their own headshot.

I’m still in the process of unpacking all I learned during those 2 days and hope to be able to translate the learning into providing better images and experience for you guys. Here’s a few of the images I took during the workshop. The images are of fellow photographers or their friends, also is attendance in Dublin.

A few behind the scenes images.

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