The Lens - Event Photography in Edinburgh

Alzheimer Scotland 2019 Investment Day

I’ve been working with The Lens for a couple years and it always proves to be an inspiring day. The Lens works with organisations to develop ideas from within their own staff team, encouraging innovation and an instraprenuerual spirit. The Lens spend time coaching front line staff in public speaking, story telling to ensure these innovative ideas are presented in the most effective way. After months of prep, these intrapreneurs gather in front of there peers and senior leaders to pitch their idea. The Lens offers senior leaders a process for uncovering new ideas from across their organisation and front line staff the opportunity to turn their idea into action.

Here’s a few photographs highlighting The Lens involvement with Alzheimer Scotland Event in Edinburgh this year.

Here’s a summary video from the day.

To find out more about the impact The Lens can have on your own organisation, check out the feedback from other teams here - The Lens Impact

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