Wereldband: Släpstick - PR images for Spirit of the Fringe Award Winners

Wereldband Spirit of the Festival Award

PR Images for Wereldband

What a delight to photograph this talented band.  Wereldband from the Netherlands were performing at the Edinburgh Festival 2017 for the first time and were requiring some PR images.  Over the course of the festival, the talented musicians won over the Scottish crowd and press and went away with the Spirit of the Festival Award.  

The shoot took place at the legendary Panopticon Theatre in Glasgow, the worlds oldest surviving Music Hall.  The concept was the Dutch comedy troupe, inspired by Laurel and Hardy, going to the place that Stan Laurel made his first ever stage performance.


From the Wereldband site:

The Dutch music-theatre group Wëreldbänd has won the prestigious Spirit of the Fringe Award at the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. This award is the cherry on the cake after an extremely successful month at the festival. Amongst more than four thousand other theatre-makers, the Wëreldbánd quickly became the talk of the town: four and five-star reviews in the Scottish national press brought in six thousand audience members, all eager to experience SLÄPSTICK.

From the Edinburgh Festival site "Flying violins! Speed skating ballerinos! An ode to musical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and Spike Jones. A spectacular collection of musical and humorous acts rooted in the music hall tradition, but with a modern twist. The Wereldband, based in the Netherlands, consists of five world-class musicians who, between them, have mastered more than 200 instruments! With a flair for eccentricity and a hint of melancholy, their new show Släpstick has left audiences and critics breathless. The perfect blend of virtuosic musicianship, nostalgic sentiment, and lung-bursting physical comedy in the true slapstick tradition!"

Below is a snapshot of the band playing live from their Playground tour, the clip doesn't do justice to seeing the band live.  I took my wife, 6 and 3 year old to see them in Edinburgh and every single one was spellbound by the talent on display.  If you ever get the chance, go see Wereldband.

Tapbattle is a scene from the show PLAYGROUND by the Wëreldbänd. Wëreldbänd is: Willem van Baarsen, Jon Bittman, Rogier Bosman, Sanne van Delft, Ro Krauss. For tickets and more information : please visit www.wereldband.nl