Clinic 13 - Advertisement Shoot Glasgow

Advertisement Shoot Glasgow - Clinic 13


I was asked by the wonderful team at Digi Marketing to help shoot images for the launch of Clinic 13 in Glasgow.

Here's a few from the day.



Clinic 13

Clinic 13 is a brand new Advanced Aesthetics & Well Being Clinic based in the heart of Glasgow. They offer a wide range of highly effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

The Clinic 13 team are highly qualified and specialise in procedures ranging from wrinkles, excessive hair growth, lack of energy and excessive fat.

Their treatments use the safest, latest technology offering the best results possible. Due to the nature of our non-surgical procedures, they are minimally invasive, with little or no recovery time at all.

We are proud to be the first clinic in Glasgow to offer the infamous Intravenous Treatments used unashamedly by many celebrities including Brad Pitt, Simon Cowell and Rhianna. Now you can also experience the amazing benefits of IV cocktails customised to your lifestyle for an incredible body boost.

Shoot Information

Location - Broadscope Studios